The Truth About Creatine Supplements

powder arm flexCreatine is one of the most commonly used sports and performance enhancing supplements available today. Usually consumed by athletes and bodybuilders for physique development, this powerful, over-the-counter supplement is responsible for massive gains in lean skeletal muscle tissue; all while resulting in a leaner and stronger body.

More than ever these days, everyone seems to be looking for a nutrition or workout supplement which can help them get more effective fitness results faster and without any unwanted side effects. Check out the six reasons why you need to be taking creatine from

When it comes to creatine supplementation, all of the buzz surrounding the efficacy and potency of this bodybuilding aid in producing the desired effects of significant lean muscle gains, you may be curious if this supplement can even come close to living up to all of the hype and speculation.

Here at Muscle Labs, we will bring to light various types of creatine supplements and help you understand how each is utilized in the human body and what effects to expect.

What is Creatine?
Creatine is a peptide comprised of three amino acids and was initially discovered as a cellular level energy system. By way of time and experimentation, competitive body builders realized how useful creatine actually is in development and enhancement in muscle building capabilities.

That incredible discovery was so groundbreaking that news spread like wildfire within the athletic and bodybuilding community becoming a foundational supplement for gains in mass and strength. Supplementing with creatine became one of the first non-steroid types of anabolic aids ever utilized to a great extent. That gave birth to a high number of athletes and bodybuilders, whether professional or amateur, including creatine in their nutrition and training programs.

How Creatine Works:
Being an energy supplement, creatine is primarily utilized for building and sustaining lean muscle mass. Many people don’t know that creatine is naturally produced in the human body by the liver, and fuels ATP to help drive muscle contractions, producing energy in the muscle cells. Creatine supplementation is designed to increase the volume of fuel available that powers ATP in the muscles.

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Creatine and Exercise:
Through intense strength training ATP is depleted, thus making the supplementation of creatine crucial in advancing a person’s desire to pack on pounds of lean muscle mass development. If you’re aiming to raise your level of endurance, well, creatine will not do anything to benefit that area of your fitness. It is only advantageous to those individuals engaging in anaerobic exercise found mostly in resistance training.

Benefits of Taking Creatine:
Bodybuilders who supplement with creatine and who are looking for longer and more effective workouts will see benefits of increased training volume and intensity to produce more overall size and strength of lean muscle. This increased endurance to stand up to the rigors of weight lifting when taking creatine can improve a person’s training performance and efficiency that will translate mightily to strength and athletic events as well as figure competitions. Studies also illustrate the anti-ageing effects of this vital supplement as the loss of strength and muscle later in life is limited compared to non-users.

Medicinal Properties and Effects of Creatine Usage:
The health effects of creatine go well beyond just muscle development. Positive effects have been seen in people who have undergone congestive heart failure. Creatine actually helps rebuild cardiac muscle during recovery, all while sustaining integrity and flexibility of joints and connective tissue.

For Type 2 diabetes sufferers, creatine promotes blood glucose stabilization and formation thus loss of sight and kidney damage is significantly reduced across the board.

Creatine and the Brain:
Older adults who were given creatine showed a significant improvement in mental focus and cognitive function when taken with consistency. Researchers added creatine to patient’s diets and observed changes that are believed to be a result of these amino acids.

Additional testing was performed on younger individuals who suffer from brain damage. With the addition of creatine to their nutrient plan and with careful observation, some damage and symptoms of brain trauma disappeared over time.

The same tests were conducted on mice who suffer from brain damage. The results revealed that creatine absorption helped shrink the damaged brain cells.

Creatine Supplementation:
There are namely two strict phases when dealing with creatine supplementation; a loading phase and a maintenance phase. The loading phase simply implies that the muscles are nourished with creatine by absorbing up to 300 grams per day. After the first seven days, the duration of the loading phase, the muscle cells are saturated with creatine and there is no need to add more as it will be wasted and removed through bodily processes.

Two Ways to Continue Creatine Supplementation:
Cycling Supplementation – Involves taking a dose of up to 15 grams of creatine for 6-weeks followed by a batman slaps robin comic meme2-week break period before starting a brand new loading phase.

Uninterrupted Supplementation – Without the aid of a 2-week break period, this process involves 6-weeks of maintenance followed by a loading phase in week seven as described above. From there, it is advised to continue this back-and-forth strategy non-stop.

Pills, Powder, or Liquid:
Creatine is available in powder, pill, and liquid form. Which type you choose will depend mostly on your liking and lifestyle. However, leading fitness experts strongly recommend body builders administer it in powder form for a quicker absorption rate which will lead to better overall results.

10 Top Rated Creatine Brands

Creatine is a sport enhancing supplement that helps an athlete build up lost creatine, body energy and lean muscle mass that is usually expended during workouts. The recommended dose of the over-the-counter drug is between 2 – 5g per day and it can be taken before or after workouts based on the way your body reacts and accepts creatine.

It is, however, important to state here that it has been experimentally studied in athletes that take creatine after workouts end up performing and building more lean mass muscle than athletes that take it before workouts. Creatine has lots of benefits that include but are not limited to increase in your body energy level, an increase in your lean mass muscle, and quick recovery of your muscles after workouts etc.

Creatine is a natural supplement for an athlete that is better absorbed with insulin-induced food taken after workouts. It is derived from protein-rich foods like red meat, fish, and pork.

Top Rated Creatine Supplement Brand

There are different brands of creatine supplements and the top rated brands list were considered and rated based on the following factors – the rating of the athletes that are actually taking it, the contents of the supplement drugs and the popularity of the brand amongst the athletes. The rating by the athletes is out of a total of 5 stars and it is a random rating by selected athletes who work out on a very regular basis. The following have been rated to be among the top brands of Creatine that you can make use of as an athlete:

arnold iron cre3

1. The Arnold Iron CRE3 Creatine Brand: this is the first rated brand of Creatine that will be mentioned here and it is made up of the Nitrate type of Creatine, it contains 1,000mg of Creatine, 5 calories and 1 gram of Carbohydrate per serving. It has been rated as 4.2 stars.



beast sports nutrition

2. The Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Creatine Brand: this brand is among the top rated brands because it is made up of Magnesium Chelate type of Creatine, Anhydrous Creatine and each serving gives you an approximate of 3,025mg of Creatine, 5 calories and 2g of Carbohydrate. The effect of this product is high that it has been rated with 4.4 stars.


body fortress super advanced

3. The Body Fortress Super Advanced Creatine HP Brand: this brand is made up of Phosphate, Ethyl Ester type of Creatine and it consists of 6,119mg of Creatine, 150 calories and 33g Carbohydrate per serving. It has been rated with 4.1 stars.



dymatize nutrition micronized

4. The Dymatize Nutrition Micronized Creatine Brand: this is made up of Monohydrate Creatine brand and consists of 5,000mg Creatine, 0 calories and 0g of Carbohydrate which means that there is no calories and carbohydrate available in this brand of Creatine supplement per serving and it has been rated with 4.2 stars.



5. The Musclepharm Creatine Brand: it is made up of Monohydrate, Malate, AAB, HCL and Nitrate brand of Creatine and contains 5,000mg of Creatine, 0g of Carbohydrate and 0 calories ( which means calories and carbohydrate not present) per serving and the rating is 4.5 stars.


now sports

6. The NOW Foods Creatine Powder Brand: it is made up of Monohydrate type of Creatine and it contains 5,000mg of Creatine, 0 calories and 0g of Carbohydrate (no calories and Carbohydrate is present) per serving and it is rated with 4.3 stars.



optimum nutrition

7. The Optimum Nutrition Creatine Brand: the type of Creatine present in this brand of Creatine is the Monohydrate brand and this supplement consists of the following per serving 5,000mg of Creatine, 0 calories and 0 Carbohydrate. Its’ rating is 4.7 stars which are quite high.


premira con-cret

8. The Primera CON-CRET Creatine Brand: it is made of the HCL brand of Creatine and it contains 750mg of Creatine, 0 calories and 0g of Carbohydrate per serving. It has been rated with 4.6 stars.



rsp nutrition creade

9. The RSP Nutrition CreAde Creatine Brand: this is made up of the Monohydrate, Chelate, Malate, Pyruvate brand of Creatine and it contains 4,000mg of Creatine, 0 calories and 0g of Carbohydrate per serving. The rating is 4 stars.



universal nutrition

10. The Universal Nutrition Creatine Brand: the Creatine type used in manufacturing the product is the Monohydrate type of Creatine and it consists of 5,000mg of Creatine, 18 calories and 4g of Carbohydrate per serving.



The top rated creatine brand of supplement drugs can be manufactured as capsules, in a powdery form or even as already made shake drinks.